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Week In Review – September 15, 2014

What an amazing week! Friend, God is at work among the people in Bucaramanga, Colombia! Here is a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to.

  • Our first church plant here, Iglesia Bíblica Bautista El Faro, just completed 2 months since it’s inauguration. We are still seeing new visitors every week, during the Sunday, Tuesday and Friday services. Regular attendance is slowly but surely growing, as is the offering. They are nearly at a point already where they can take care of their basic monthly expenses (rent and utilities). This is a great step!
  • Aubrie has been taking the kids out after our song service and doing a special program for them. This was a stretch for her, but a huge blessing to them! Her group keeps growing each week (there were 8 kids yesterday!), and the children look forward to their special time each week.
  • Many people in this area are learning (or want to learn) English, so we decided to begin services once a week in English to give them a chance to practice. We hold this special service right before our main Sunday morning Spanish service and encourage people to stay for both. What I didn’t know was that we would also attract a few foreigners that live here who also speak English. In addition to a few Colombians that come, we have a gentleman from Texas, a Korean who grew up in London and his family and others that join us each week.
  • Several are plugging into discipleship, meeting with me throughout the week. It is wonderful to see each progressing, growing in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • Many families are excited about getting involved in serving in various ministries of the church. This is one of the most exciting things for me! There are also a few men that are wanting to go further. Pray for these that God would enable them to do the work of the ministry and enable me to train them!
  • The family is doing well. This week our girls are on vacation from their preschool. Aubrie and our next little baby are fantastic. We find out on THURSDAY if we’re having a boy or a girl! Amira and Anabel are split as to which they want, but they’re both enthusiastic about having a baby around.
  • A special thanks to the DeGaetano family for the gifts they sent us for the new baby this week! Also to Plantation Baptist Church for sending a few books by Striving Together publications to distribute to people in our church. What a blessing!
  • Just like in many parts of the U.S., it’s fair season here as well. The “Feria Bonita” is going full blast. The difference is that the fair here takes place literally all over the city. Bike races, concerts, art & craft sales, food, games and much more draw people out of their homes to wander around the city. It’s a great opportunity to get the Gospel into people’s hands. Please pray as we pass out tracts this week to some of these people.
  • We continue to see the Gospel change lives! Thank you to those that support us to make this work possible.
  • **Family funny — I had a dream I went to Walmart a few days ago. Weird…

How can we be praying for you?

Feliz Cumpleaños, Aubrie!

Y’all don’t mind if I brag a little on Aubrie, do you?

Today, February 10th is a very special day… It’s the anniversary of my wife’s 22nd birthday!! ((I think that’s when we were supposed to stop counting… Lol))

Aubrie, you’re amazing and I love you with my all! You’re the best wife I could ever imagine, the best mother to our girls, the best looking, most compassionate, most loving person I’ve ever met. I couldn’t imagine my life without you.

Thank you for sticking with me, and not giving up, even through the hard trials we faced last year. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for being 100% supportive in the ministry The Lord has placed us in. Thank you for your excitement in reaching people with the Gospel. Thank you for your love for God and his Word. I thank Christ for you.

You’re my companion, my best friend, my sweetie. Happy birthday. I look forward to getting old, sore and wrinkly with you. Ok, maybe not so much the “sore” part, but you know what I mean.

Yours for life,


Aubrie Is Having Surgery

Hey friends. I wanted to give you all a quick update about what is going on in our lives. We are just returning from a trip out to the Northwestern US where we had the opportunity to visit with some of my extended family as well as share our work in 8 wonderful churches around the Kalispell, MT area (where I was born!). God blessed during this trip and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Some of you may have heard, but in case you missed it, I also wanted to let you know about something you can pray with us about this week. Last month, at a follow up visit from the miscarriage of our baby, Aubrie’s doctor diagnosed her with endometriosis. There is no cure, but they can do a surgery to reduce the pain of living with this disease. The plan is to make 4 or 5 incisions in her abdomen and pelvis and cut away what shouldn’t be there. It is called a laparoscopy/laparotomy. Originally scheduled for August 1st, they’ve since moved it up to this Thursday, July 25th. We met with the doctor and hospital today for Pre-op and the surgery will be at 7:30 AM in Gainesville GA. She should be able to go home the same day.

Several other women who have had this same disease as well as the surgery have been able to comfort Aubrie with words of encouragement. The surgery works sometimes, and other times there are complications, but we know all things work together for good to them who love God (Romans 8:28). He’s got it under control. Our trust is in him. He gives peace in any storm.

It is a such a comfort going through the things we do, knowing that there is One with us who knows the way. We couldn’t imagine life without our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Do you know him?

Thank you all for your prayers! They mean so much to us.

Prayer Letter for May & June 2013

Dear Pastors and Prayer Partners,

Deputation Update

Click To See Printable PDF (with pictures).

Click To See Printable PDF (with pictures).

It has been whirlwind since our last letter. We’ve participated in youth camps & weeks of training, seen people saved and called into missions, and of course we’ve had a blast preaching and sharing our ministry in churches all around the Eastern US.

Colombia is getting closer each day! Our tickets are paid for and now set for November 13th. God constantly takes care of each need, and he has used many of you to do that. Thank you!

Our support is currently just over 80% and we hope to be fully supported before leaving. Will you pray that God will enable churches to join us as monthly partners? Also, we’ve been saving for our setup fund, and many have so generously given, but we still have some more needs in this area. Would you pray about making a special offering through your church or Sunday School class for this need? This will help us as we get started in reaching people in Colombia. Below are several items that we will need and others which have already been provided for. Gifts can be sent through our Mission Board or online through Paypal.

Set Up Fund Needs

  • Four Airline Tickets — $1,600
  • Baggage Fees — $250
  • Passports — $350
  • Religious Visa — $500
  • Hotel upon arrival — $500
  • Apartment deposit — $2,000
  • Beds & Furniture — $1,500
  • Refrigerator — $500
  • Washer/Dryer — $1,000
  • Oven/Range — $300
  • Water Purification — $300
  • Used Vehicle — $6,000

Family Update

As many may have heard, we recently lost our 3rd child which we were expecting to be born in January. Many others who have also gone through this have helped with words of encouragement. In addition, we discovered that Aubrie also has a painful disease called endometriosis. Her doctor wants to do surgery on August 1st {*UPDATE – July 25*} to relieve the pain. There is no real cure for this disease and many of those affected continue to have surgeries most of their lives. Aubrie is also looking into some alternative treatments, including drastic diet changes, to hopefully reduce the pain and need for additional surgeries. Thanks for your prayers with us in this matter. God is still good, and he knows each struggle we have. We couldn’t imagine going through this without Him!

From The Mouth Of Babes

During our family devotions, our 3-year-old Amira prayed, “Dear Jesus, please let my little brother come back from Heaven because I miss him!”

Colombian Culture Corner

672 Colombians died today… And yesterday… And the day before… According to Colombia’s death rate, 672 people will meet God each day! The saddest part is that most of those will not make it into heaven. They are trusting in their own works, their religion, their effort. And the Bible says, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9). You see, it’s not what we do, it’s about believing in what Christ has DONE. Colombians need to hear this! Thanks for helping us take God’s good news to them. We love y’all!

In Christ & For His Glory,

Aaron Vance & Family



Happy Birthday to My Amazing Wife!

You are an amazing woman.

I don’t know a better wife, mother, helpmeet, Christian.

Your strength inspires me.

Your smile encourages me.

Your love blesses me.

Thank you for loving God, and loving me through God’s love.

I love you and would give my life for you.

Happy birthday.

May the Hope, Peace & Love of The Lord always reign in our hearts and lives, and may He give us many more years together to serve and magnify Him.



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