Prayer Letter for May & June 2013

Dear Pastors and Prayer Partners,

Deputation Update

Click To See Printable PDF (with pictures).

Click To See Printable PDF (with pictures).

It has been whirlwind since our last letter. We’ve participated in youth camps & weeks of training, seen people saved and called into missions, and of course we’ve had a blast preaching and sharing our ministry in churches all around the Eastern US.

Colombia is getting closer each day! Our tickets are paid for and now set for November 13th. God constantly takes care of each need, and he has used many of you to do that. Thank you!

Our support is currently just over 80% and we hope to be fully supported before leaving. Will you pray that God will enable churches to join us as monthly partners? Also, we’ve been saving for our setup fund, and many have so generously given, but we still have some more needs in this area. Would you pray about making a special offering through your church or Sunday School class for this need? This will help us as we get started in reaching people in Colombia. Below are several items that we will need and others which have already been provided for. Gifts can be sent through our Mission Board or online through Paypal.

Set Up Fund Needs

  • Four Airline Tickets — $1,600
  • Baggage Fees — $250
  • Passports — $350
  • Religious Visa — $500
  • Hotel upon arrival — $500
  • Apartment deposit — $2,000
  • Beds & Furniture — $1,500
  • Refrigerator — $500
  • Washer/Dryer — $1,000
  • Oven/Range — $300
  • Water Purification — $300
  • Used Vehicle — $6,000

Family Update

As many may have heard, we recently lost our 3rd child which we were expecting to be born in January. Many others who have also gone through this have helped with words of encouragement. In addition, we discovered that Aubrie also has a painful disease called endometriosis. Her doctor wants to do surgery on August 1st {*UPDATE – July 25*} to relieve the pain. There is no real cure for this disease and many of those affected continue to have surgeries most of their lives. Aubrie is also looking into some alternative treatments, including drastic diet changes, to hopefully reduce the pain and need for additional surgeries. Thanks for your prayers with us in this matter. God is still good, and he knows each struggle we have. We couldn’t imagine going through this without Him!

From The Mouth Of Babes

During our family devotions, our 3-year-old Amira prayed, “Dear Jesus, please let my little brother come back from Heaven because I miss him!”

Colombian Culture Corner

672 Colombians died today… And yesterday… And the day before… According to Colombia’s death rate, 672 people will meet God each day! The saddest part is that most of those will not make it into heaven. They are trusting in their own works, their religion, their effort. And the Bible says, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9). You see, it’s not what we do, it’s about believing in what Christ has DONE. Colombians need to hear this! Thanks for helping us take God’s good news to them. We love y’all!

In Christ & For His Glory,

Aaron Vance & Family



About Aaron

I am a born again child of God, a servant of Christ and seeker of His glory! I'm happily married to my wonderful wife, Aubrie, and we have four precious daughters. God has graciously allowed us to serve as missionaries in Colombia, South America since 2011, and minister among Latin Americans since 2004. Follow our story at

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