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Baby Update & Help Us Pick A Name!

Where’s That Baby?

Many have been asking me if we’ve had the baby yet. The short answer is, no, we’re still waiting. Now for the long answer…

Tuesday, April 17th we spent a few hours in the hospital because Aubrie was starting to go into early labor (see previous post). They put her on bed rest and our goal was to get to Thursday, May 3rd when she would be 37 weeks along and the baby would be likely to have fewer complications. Well, at around Midnight on Thursday the 3rd she started feeling heavier contractions and they were coming more frequently, so off to the hospital we went again.

Aubrie was measuring near 6 cm dilation and was about 65-70% effaced. We spent the wee hours of the morning on Thursday in the Labor & Delivery room, waiting on the baby to come. In fact, when we asked about the possibility of us leaving and coming again later, one nurse said… “Oh, you won’t be going home until after having this baby!”

After hours and hours with no further change, we came home. Later that afternoon we went back to the office for another check. Still no change, still no baby. When will she be here? Only the Lord knows! lol…

Aubrie is still having lots of frequent contractions, 3-6 minutes apart, but she’s the most patient mother-to-be that I’ve ever seen! I don’t know how she does it. Each day I get up knowing it will be the day, then another night comes and goes. For me, it’s been the longest few days ever. 🙂

Now for the good part…

With our first child we had her name picked before we were even married. This one has been different. We’re leaning toward naming her either Anabel or Anabela. The middle name is still up in the air too! What do you think? Vote on your favorite below:

Ok, one of those names is not really an option. Thanks so much for staying up to date with us. Your prayers and notes of encouragement mean so much. We know this baby will come in God’s timing, and we’ll keep you posted when we find out what that is! 😀

Here are some pictures from our adventure the other night at the hospital.

Bed Rest? What’s That?!

It has been an interesting week, to say the least. Not exactly what we planned, but God knows 🙂

We got home late Monday night from a missions conference about 9 hours away (BTW, thanks to the good folks of Grace Baptist Church in Newport NC for an awesome week!). Tuesday was our only free day before leaving for another two conferences starting on Wednesday. Well, since we’re hardly in town these days, we scheduled an appointment with Aubrie’s doctor. With one month to go on our pregnancy, we found out that Aubrie was having contractions every 7-8 minutes, was 4 cm dilated and 50% effaced! Basically, she was way ahead of schedule and at risk to go into preterm labor. Soooo, off to the hospital we went. Aubrie’s doctor wanted to get her hooked up to an IV to get lots of fluids in her and continue to watch her contractions and the baby.

Long story short, we only stayed a few hours before they sent us home with very specific instructions for Aubrie to be on bed rest, mainly to keep this baby from coming too early. The goal is to get us until May 3rd when she’ll be a full 37 weeks. That’s still 3 weeks early, but it will be far enough along that the baby shouldn’t have any complications.

Wait… bed rest? What’s that??

Like I said, it’s been an interesting week! I cancelled our other two conferences and decided to stay home to take care of Aubrie and Amira. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve occasionally cooked meals, washed clothes, washed dishes, changed diapers, cleaned the house and kept up some with our 2-year-old before… but this has been a whole new ball game. Taking care of these things exclusively while Aubrie rests has been an eye opener to how awesome of a wife and mother she is! To think she does this stuff all the time, without complaining and still keeping up with me as we travel… well, it’s amazing! And some people say that housewives don’t have real jobs… ha.

I know you’ll read this Aubrie… Thank you. I love you and appreciate all you do. You’re the best.

Now, if we can keep this child cooking for just a little longer that would be great. Only a few more days left until we can reach 37 weeks. Aubrie is still having plenty of contractions, even with rest. But we know our next little princess will come when she’s ready, and God will give strength and grace to bring her into this world.

I’ll let you all know when our girl arrives. As the day approaches I’ll be posting pictures and micro updates on our Twitter and Facebook accounts if you’d like to stay even more up-to-date. Thanks for your prayers. We love y’all!

Here’s a video of Amira getting ready for her little sister’s arrival. She and her mommy have made a book to read to her. It is adorable.

1094 Days Of Wow!

“And do you, Aubrie, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”

And she did!

Thank you Aubrie for being my amazing bride now for 3 years. I know it hasn’t always been easy putting up with me, but I can’t imagine life now without you by my side. You’ve been a constant companion, an encouraging helpmeet, and my best friend. You always have enabled me to step up and lead like Jesus, and I love that about you. When I am preaching and happen to glance over by your side, that smile melts me every time. Those lovely brown eyes pierce my soul, and I know, I know… I’m the most blessed guy in the world. How could God see fit to put you into my life? Must be grace!

You work so hard to keep up with things as we travel now on the road, and you do such a good job of teaching and guiding Amira into being a godly and wonderful young lady like her mother. And now with our second child almost here, she will also have the joy of knowing the most amazing woman who has ever lived. What lucky girls to have you as their Mommy!  🙂

I thank God for you, and I commit to strive to be a better husband each day, leading our family in the path that Jesus has set before us, and laying down my own life to lift you up. May the Lord Jesus be preeminent in our house, our love and our lives. For it is Him that will keep us.

Happy anniversary my treasure.

Te Amo.


January 2012 Prayer Letter

Hello everyone,

I have been taking a little break from posting on the blog lately but more updates will be coming soon! Thanks so much for keeping up to date with us and for your prayers.

Click here to see our January 2012 Prayer Letter (with pictures!)


January 2012

Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,

Deputation & Family Update

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! The past couple months have been a whirlwind of traveling, preaching, sharing our burden for Colombia and seeing God do miracles. We’ve seen people saved through personal soul winning and in church services, and we’ve seen major financial needs met by God’s mighty providence. He is GOOD!

We’ve now traveled a total of over 31,000 miles and have gained several new supporters recently, even three this past week! Praise God. If you haven’t joined our team of financial partners we’d love to be your missionaries to Colombia! Millions have still never heard. Will you help us get there? By the way, if you haven’t seen our ministry video yet, check it out on our website: or contact me and I can mail you a DVD copy.

We had asked prayer for Hells Gates, a program our home church did during October. It was incredible! 3,500 people walked through a reality drama of the end times, and over 400 came to know Christ as their Savior! We also participated in two conferences that promote missions in which many gave their lives for full time Christian service. I love this stuff!

Our pregnancy is going well, and the doctor just informed us last week that we’re having another GIRL! I’m quickly being outnumbered, but we thank Christ for entrusting us with another little child to raise.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Amira, who is now 21 months old, absolutely loves to sing. She gets a couple of things mixed up but it sure is cute! We frequently hear her joyfully sing: “I.B.I.B.I.B…book and me… BIBLE!” or, another favorite: “Jesus loves me, little star, how I wonder, up above Jesus.”☺

Colombian Culture Corner

If you ever want to say “God bless you” to a Spanish-speaking person, just say, “Que Dios le bendiga.” (Pronounced: kay dee-OHS lay ben-DEE-gah)

Prayer Requests

1. Aubrie’s pregnancy – Baby girl due on May 24th

2. That we would be a blessing to churches as we travel & present our ministry

3. The 44,000,000 Colombian people who have never heard the Gospel!

4. Financial Support (now at about 20%)


Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We love you and pray for you often.

Servants of the King,

Aaron, Aubrie, Amira (& Baby) Vance


The Big Announcement

Yesterday I posted on Twitter and Facebook that we would be announcing something big. Last time we did that, it turned out to be our survey trip to Colombia which preceded deputation. Well yesterday after posting the teaser, there ensued a great swarm of speculationfrom “congrats on the twins” to “baby?” to “boys, girls, or both?” to…. wait, everybody really guessed that we’re having a baby? Could it be that simple? Was it that obvious? Hmmm

Actually, all of the guessers was at least partially right. Yes, we are expecting our second child!!

So now, questions fill our thoughts…. What will we name him (I’m pretty sure it’s a boy lol) … or her? What will he or she look like? How will we fit it all into our schedule? But really, we’re so thrilled that God would be so gracious to us in entrusting another precious child into our care. Looks like we’ll get to know the newest Vance in late May or early June.

It will be interesting to see how our little Amira reacts to not being the little baby anymore. If you have multiple kids, how did your older one react when they got a new sibling? Feel free to respond in the comments.

Thank you all for your prayers. Be praying for Aubrie especially as we will be travelling for some far-from-home meetings coming up this fall and into next year as we present our ministry in Colombia.

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