Aubrie Is Having Surgery

Hey friends. I wanted to give you all a quick update about what is going on in our lives. We are just returning from a trip out to the Northwestern US where we had the opportunity to visit with some of my extended family as well as share our work in 8 wonderful churches around the Kalispell, MT area (where I was born!). God blessed during this trip and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Some of you may have heard, but in case you missed it, I also wanted to let you know about something you can pray with us about this week. Last month, at a follow up visit from the miscarriage of our baby, Aubrie’s doctor diagnosed her with endometriosis. There is no cure, but they can do a surgery to reduce the pain of living with this disease. The plan is to make 4 or 5 incisions in her abdomen and pelvis and cut away what shouldn’t be there. It is called a laparoscopy/laparotomy. Originally scheduled for August 1st, they’ve since moved it up to this Thursday, July 25th. We met with the doctor and hospital today for Pre-op and the surgery will be at 7:30 AM in Gainesville GA. She should be able to go home the same day.

Several other women who have had this same disease as well as the surgery have been able to comfort Aubrie with words of encouragement. The surgery works sometimes, and other times there are complications, but we know all things work together for good to them who love God (Romans 8:28). He’s got it under control. Our trust is in him. He gives peace in any storm.

It is a such a comfort going through the things we do, knowing that there is One with us who knows the way. We couldn’t imagine life without our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Do you know him?

Thank you all for your prayers! They mean so much to us.

About Aaron

I am a born again child of God, a servant of Christ and seeker of His glory! I'm happily married to my wonderful wife, Aubrie, and we have four precious daughters. God has graciously allowed us to serve as missionaries in Colombia, South America since 2011, and minister among Latin Americans since 2004. Follow our story at

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  1. Praying for you all Aaron!

  2. So sorry to hear this but I know your family is in Gods hands & He’s got this! Prayers for you! Much love, Marlene

  3. Hello Aron & family;

    Received your e-mail about Audrey and yes we will keep her in our prayers and even after surgery, know there will be some healing needed there. Sure did enjoy you and your sweet family and as Fred and always do, we pray for those that are in the missionary field,and we know the Lord is always with you and will see you through any storm, and somewhere there is a blessing.

    Our prayers are with you, Brother Fred & Jeanice

  4. Eric & Betty Shelton

    Hello, Bro. Aaron & Aubrie,
    Just got the e-mail will be praying for God’s healing for her and well being. We will update the church as to what is happening. and be praying for you both.
    Eric & Betty

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