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Raising A Child On The Road (Video)

This is how Amira likes to travel!

A few years ago I had all the answers. If you asked, I could probably give some [pretty good] advice on being a great spouse, raising practically perfect children, preaching fantastic sermons, and whatever else you’d like to throw my way. I even had Bible verses for all that!

But the old saying I’ve heard said a thousand times now rings true in my life…

“The older I get, the less I know!”

Marriage, ministry, raising children and life in general takes hard work, tireless determination and God’s grace. It is easy to talk about and hard to do.

I remember countless times seeing THAT child at Walmart (you know who I’m talking about!) and thinking… “That will never happen with my kids.” You know, the boy who whines, screams and openly rebels against his parents. The girl who gets what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants it… or else. The kid that is nothing less than a brat.

Well, guess what… God has blessed me with a wife and a munchkin of my own! Suddenly, I realized things really aren’t as easy as I had supposed. Just this week we were at the store and in a moment which snuck up on me like a tiger on its prey, I was that parent with that kid.

And you know what? The more I am blessed to lead a family, the more I realize something… we desperately need God’s presence in each of our lives! You see, no matter how much discipline, structure, schedule and consistency we have in our parenting, it is human nature to rebel. We are born in iniquity and foolishness, and without God’s grace we will continue in that same rebellion until our last breath.

Aubrie and I hope to raise children that fear the Lord, respect his Word, and enjoy serving him. But above all else we want to see them individually submit themselves to God’s loving hand when they understand their need of his salvation. That is why we try our best to have family devotion time. This has been one of the hardest things to keep regular and consistent in while traveling on the road, but the need for us all to meditate on God’s Word and commune with him in prayer is paramount. They need the Word of God. I need the Word of God.

Raising a child while on the road has its challenges. We’re blessed that [as of right now] Amira loves to travel. Going “bye-bye” is one of her favorite things to do! Spending hours in the car going from one meeting to the next is still something fun for her. It’s hard to believe she’ll be two this month, and it’s hard to believe that in just over 2 months we’ll meet her baby sister (who is still unnamed, by the way). With the Lord’s help we hope to live by the principle found in Proverbs 22:6

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

How do you and your family do devotion time together? What advice do you have and what challenges do you face? Leave your answer in the comments… I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a recent video of us reading through a chapter in proverbs together as a family. Amira likes to repeat the phrases sometimes, it really is cute. We love you guys! Thanks for following us and for your prayers.

January 2012 Prayer Letter

Hello everyone,

I have been taking a little break from posting on the blog lately but more updates will be coming soon! Thanks so much for keeping up to date with us and for your prayers.

Click here to see our January 2012 Prayer Letter (with pictures!)


January 2012

Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,

Deputation & Family Update

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! The past couple months have been a whirlwind of traveling, preaching, sharing our burden for Colombia and seeing God do miracles. We’ve seen people saved through personal soul winning and in church services, and we’ve seen major financial needs met by God’s mighty providence. He is GOOD!

We’ve now traveled a total of over 31,000 miles and have gained several new supporters recently, even three this past week! Praise God. If you haven’t joined our team of financial partners we’d love to be your missionaries to Colombia! Millions have still never heard. Will you help us get there? By the way, if you haven’t seen our ministry video yet, check it out on our website: or contact me and I can mail you a DVD copy.

We had asked prayer for Hells Gates, a program our home church did during October. It was incredible! 3,500 people walked through a reality drama of the end times, and over 400 came to know Christ as their Savior! We also participated in two conferences that promote missions in which many gave their lives for full time Christian service. I love this stuff!

Our pregnancy is going well, and the doctor just informed us last week that we’re having another GIRL! I’m quickly being outnumbered, but we thank Christ for entrusting us with another little child to raise.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Amira, who is now 21 months old, absolutely loves to sing. She gets a couple of things mixed up but it sure is cute! We frequently hear her joyfully sing: “I.B.I.B.I.B…book and me… BIBLE!” or, another favorite: “Jesus loves me, little star, how I wonder, up above Jesus.”☺

Colombian Culture Corner

If you ever want to say “God bless you” to a Spanish-speaking person, just say, “Que Dios le bendiga.” (Pronounced: kay dee-OHS lay ben-DEE-gah)

Prayer Requests

1. Aubrie’s pregnancy – Baby girl due on May 24th

2. That we would be a blessing to churches as we travel & present our ministry

3. The 44,000,000 Colombian people who have never heard the Gospel!

4. Financial Support (now at about 20%)


Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We love you and pray for you often.

Servants of the King,

Aaron, Aubrie, Amira (& Baby) Vance


Say Cheese!

June Prayer Letter Update

Click Image To See Our Prayer Letter Full Size (With Pictures!)

June, 2011

Dear Pastor, Partners and Praying Friends,

Deputation Update

We sure have been blessed by the Lord’s goodness! The past couple months have been amazing and busy as we have started full-time deputation. My last day of secular work was May 6th, and he has continued to provide for us over and over. Our travels have taken us around GA, OH, TN and SC. We’ve met many new friends and were encouraged by the desire of several of them to partner with us financially. I have been doing my best to work at least 8-10 hours per day calling pastors to fill up the rest of our calendar for deputation. We know God has the meetings we need. Please pray that He opens the right doors for us.

I was recently able to preach a Spanish church fellowship hosted at the church I started in Dawsonville, GA. It was great to see our good friends and see that the work there has even grown! They’ve seen several saved and baptized, and had more families join the church. It’s great to know that Christ is still building His church.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Amira (who is 14 months old) was sitting with Aubrie the other day while I was calling  pastors downstairs, and she kept saying and signing “more dad, more dad, more dad.” Now, if that doesn’t make you want to take a 10-minute daddy-daughter break, I don’t know what will! ☺ She’s growing well, talking to anybody who will listen, and even starting to potty train! (That tidbit is for all the ladies out there).

Colombian Culture Corner

Colombia, just like many cultures, has quite a few sayings and idioms. One of these is “¡Del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho!” (Translation: From what’s said to what’s done, there’s a big gap. Basically, it’s the same as our saying: “Easier said than done”). How true!

Prayer Requests

1.         For more meetings to open up for deputation

2.         For safety on the road as we travel to many different states this summer

3.         For financial support to start coming in (now at around 10%)

4.         For God to start preparing hearts in Colombia to receive the Gospel when we arrive.

5.         For more people to surrender their lives to take the Gospel to the world. How about you?

For Christ and His Glory,

Aaron Aubrie and Amira Vance

“According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

Philippians 1:20-21

Happy Birthday Amira!

Today Amira is one year old! It’s so hard to believe that an entire year has flown by since we were entrusted with this precious little princess.

Amira, you are loved so much. You are a special creation of God! You momma and I are so proud of how you’ve grown, how much you’ve learned and how you’re developing into a sweet little lady every day. We pray that God gives us the strength to be the parents we ought to be, leading you in the footsteps of Jesus, and we hope that some day he will use you in huge ways for His glory!

You’ll always be Daddy’s Princess, Amira… I love you.

Here are a few (ok maybe 20) pictures of our angel.  🙂

























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