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God Blessed More Than We Expected! — Church’s First Anniversary Report

We have been amazed at what the Lord has done in the past year in and through our first church plant, Iglesia Bíblica Bautista El Faro (Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church) in Bucaramanga, Colombia. People have been saved, believers have grown through discipleship, leaders have emerged and begun to be developed, and the church has grown.

For our anniversary, we expected a good crowd, but we were blown away by how many people came. By our most accurate count, 140 people gathered together to celebrate what God has done in our first year! Many visitors came for the first time, the gospel was preached, professions of faith were made, believers were strengthened, and King Jesus was lifted high!

Following are a few pictures of our special service and a video we showed highlighting our first year.


Please pray for us in the days ahead. As you can see, we have run out of space, but praise the Lord, we were able to rent another larger building just around the block. Construction work is underway to adapt the building to our needs and get it ready for move in by the end of the month. Our people are very excited and all are pitching in to see Christ’s church expand and his Name lifted high.

IMG_2072 IMG_2114.JPG IMG_2259 IMG_2278

The church has given sacrificially toward the many expenses of moving, but there are a few major things we would still like to purchase and we only lack the funds, namely a permanent baptistry and kitchen installations. If you would like to give a one-time gift toward these needs, you can send a check marked for us to our mission agency, Macedonia, or you can give online here. If you plan to give toward a specific need, write us a note to make sure it goes toward the right project.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. God has blessed, and much fruit has been added to your account. Great days are ahead!

Vance Family Footnotes

• Over the past two weeks God has allowed me to be in 9 meetings in Georgia, North Carolina & Louisiana

• Wednesday – Sunday of this past week was spent in Zachary, LA at Grace Baptist Church. I don’t know of many other churches that are so given to missions! What a blessing it was.

• On the way to Louisiana last week I was able to stop by Pensacola Christian College in FL to see my brother Zach. He’s a music major in his 3rd year there… love that guy!

• We’ve picked up two new supporters (and a couple other “hopefuls” as well!) over the last two weeks. I believe this puts us right at 50% — Praise the Lord!

• Iglesia Bautista El Faro, the Spanish church we started in GA celebrated their 6th anniversary last Sunday. It really killed me not to be there, but I was told that the Lord really blessed in a great way! The Lord is doing such a great job through Pastor Alfonso.

Hell’s Gates, an outreach event at our home church, has also gone very well. My pastor told me today that 84 people have made salvation decisions so far this month! If you haven’t been yet and live anywhere near Georgia, you should definitely make plans to go. There are only two weekends left. Let me know if you have any questions.

• IN THE NEWS: Please be praying for Colombia as they begin peace talks with the FARC rebel group today in Norway. This has been a highly anticipated event that has brought many mixed feelings amongst Colombians. May God’s will be done.

• VIDEO: Why You Should Bring Your Young People To The Summit

• PAST POST TO CONSIDER: Colombian Fruit

• FROM THE WORD:  “As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10

• Some pictures from the week:


Thanks for keeping up with us. We’d love to hear from you… just comment, message or email us to let us know how we can pray for you. May God bless!

June Prayer Letter Update

Click Image To See Our Prayer Letter Full Size (With Pictures!)

June, 2011

Dear Pastor, Partners and Praying Friends,

Deputation Update

We sure have been blessed by the Lord’s goodness! The past couple months have been amazing and busy as we have started full-time deputation. My last day of secular work was May 6th, and he has continued to provide for us over and over. Our travels have taken us around GA, OH, TN and SC. We’ve met many new friends and were encouraged by the desire of several of them to partner with us financially. I have been doing my best to work at least 8-10 hours per day calling pastors to fill up the rest of our calendar for deputation. We know God has the meetings we need. Please pray that He opens the right doors for us.

I was recently able to preach a Spanish church fellowship hosted at the church I started in Dawsonville, GA. It was great to see our good friends and see that the work there has even grown! They’ve seen several saved and baptized, and had more families join the church. It’s great to know that Christ is still building His church.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Amira (who is 14 months old) was sitting with Aubrie the other day while I was calling  pastors downstairs, and she kept saying and signing “more dad, more dad, more dad.” Now, if that doesn’t make you want to take a 10-minute daddy-daughter break, I don’t know what will! ☺ She’s growing well, talking to anybody who will listen, and even starting to potty train! (That tidbit is for all the ladies out there).

Colombian Culture Corner

Colombia, just like many cultures, has quite a few sayings and idioms. One of these is “¡Del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho!” (Translation: From what’s said to what’s done, there’s a big gap. Basically, it’s the same as our saying: “Easier said than done”). How true!

Prayer Requests

1.         For more meetings to open up for deputation

2.         For safety on the road as we travel to many different states this summer

3.         For financial support to start coming in (now at around 10%)

4.         For God to start preparing hearts in Colombia to receive the Gospel when we arrive.

5.         For more people to surrender their lives to take the Gospel to the world. How about you?

For Christ and His Glory,

Aaron Aubrie and Amira Vance

“According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

Philippians 1:20-21

Last Day As Pastor Aarón

Iglesia Bautista El Faro | Dawsonville, GA

The last four and a half years have been a whirlwind for me. Somehow, God saw it fit to let me, a young man (possibly very much arrogant and ignorant) begin a Spanish ministry out of my home church. It was my last semester of Bible College and our project was to start a successful Sunday School class from scratch.

During those first couple months, many lonely weeks would go by with nobody in sight. But then people started coming. Many started accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. Lives were being changed. Many began to grow in their faith and their love for God. The Lord Jesus Christ began a great work. What started as a Spanish Sunday School class in October of 2006 in a bitter cold tent outside the main building, soon became the Iglesia Bautista El Faro, a full-service church. Midweek services were started, Sunday school, men’s and ladies ministries, outreach events and opportunities, and so much more. Our people began serving others. Many learned how to win someone else to Christ for the first time. Fruits were being multiplied. The Gospel was being spread. Leaders were being trained. (click here to see a video from our 4th anniversary)

The past several years have been some of the greatest in my life. During this time I met an amazing woman named Aubrie, was married, became a father of a precious girl, and saw God work through me in ways I never thought possible.

Sometimes I have asked myself, “Who am I that so great a thing could be done? Who am I to be so blessed? Who am I that so many have come to know Christ through my preaching? Who am I to stand in front of all these and announce the riches of Christ?” … Then it dawns on me, it’s not about who I am, it is ALL about who HE is!! I don’t preach because I am worthy, I preach because the Lord Jesus is worthy! What an awesome life.

This past Sunday was a bittersweet time for us. It was our last day with the precious brethren at our church. It was my last day as Pastor Aarón. We turned over the Spanish Church to Brother Alfonso Gonzalez, the man who had been my assistant. Over the past couple years, the people have grown to love him, respect him and follow him as the man of God. It was a sad time for us, but we know that God was opening up the door for us to go to Colombia, South America as full-time church-planting missionaries. Tears were shed, but our church is excited to be sending out their first missionary, their pastor. Hopefully the first of many! The service itself was such a blessing, with a wonderful attendance and one precious soul saved. Be praying for Eva and her spiritual growth.

All along, it is easy for us to see how Christ has been preparing us for the work he has in store for us. A few years ago, I don’t think I would have been ready for such a task, but God knew that. Isn’t it great how each day He prepares us for the days to come? It is He that strengthens us, teaches us, grows us, establishes us and gives us opportunities to glorify His name!

Many have asked me how to know the Will of God. It’s simple. Love him and grow in him each day. Then do what He wants you to do today, and do it with all your heart. He’ll take care of tomorrow.

The road before us is great. Sometimes it seems daunting, but it is awesome to know that God is with us. He has used us before and will use us again, as long as we remain faithful to what he has entrusted to us. As David in the Bible killed a lion and bear before taking down Goliath, and he took down Goliath before leading a nation, we see that God has given us these small victories. Glory to his name.

Bring on Colombia!

Challenging Pastor Alfonso and his wife Josefina

The ladies praying for their new pastor's wife


Carina and Alfonso Jr.






Elizabeth, Stephanie and Susan


Proud Daddy with his Princess




Of course as good Baptists we have to eat!

Iglesia Bautista El Faro

Pray for Our Family Conference!

The Spanish church that I pastor will be hosting our first Conferencia Familiar (Family Conference) over the first weekend in December. If you don’t mind, please pray that people would come, that their families would be helped, and that Jesus would be glorified. That’s what it’s all about!

Iglesia Bautista El Faro


Iglesia Bautista El Faro • Dawsonville, Georgia




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