Helpful Links

*Disclaimer — takes no responsibility for the content of these websites, nor do we claim to be affiliated or in complete agreement with all of them. They are offered solely as a resource for learning more about missions, Colombia and the world.  Enjoy!*

About Colombia:

CIA – The World Factbook COLOMBIA

Current Colombian Population

Colombian News (In English)

Colombian News (In Spanish)

Missionaries To Colombia:

Aaron and Aubrie Vance

Wayne and Lina Cooke

Mark and Katie Gerosin

Rick and Jackie Washburn

Paul Clark

Craig and Fran Lingo

Daniel and Jennifer Mee

Johnny and Susan Bolin

Jonathan and Holly Boyd

Gregorio Murillo

National Pastors in Colombia

*I’ll try to post more links here as I find them

Other Great Missionaries and Ministries:

Charles Blackstock – Church plantor and personal mentor

Austin Gardner – Church planter and personal mentor

The Our Generation Training Center – The best place for missionary training!

Macedonia World Baptist Missions – Our missions agency

Jeff Bush in Argentina

Mark Coffey in South Africa

Trent Cornwell, Vision Baptist Church

Chris Fies with Voice in the Villages

Chris Gardner in Peru

David Gardner in Peru

David Gates in Northern Africa

Jeremy Hall in Peru

Will Hill in Japan

Jason Holt in Chile

Tyler Masters in North Africa Other

Scott Newton in Spain

Newton Baptist Church, Covington, Georgia

Our Generation Student Leadership Camp

Our Generation Summit

Our Generation Training Center

Project China with MT

Philip Bassham in Thailand

Jim Roberts in India

Ronald Tubillas and Iglesia Bautista Vision in Spanish

Travis Snode in Ireland

Vision Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

Vision Baptist Missions

Voice in the Villages

Chris Waye in the British Isles

Kevin White in Bolivia

Best Place To Print Literature (prayer cards, etc.):

Best Place To Print Signage (display boards, etc.)

Stampede Digital Imaging

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