Baby Update & Help Us Pick A Name!

Where’s That Baby?

Many have been asking me if we’ve had the baby yet. The short answer is, no, we’re still waiting. Now for the long answer…

Tuesday, April 17th we spent a few hours in the hospital because Aubrie was starting to go into early labor (see previous post). They put her on bed rest and our goal was to get to Thursday, May 3rd when she would be 37 weeks along and the baby would be likely to have fewer complications. Well, at around Midnight on Thursday the 3rd she started feeling heavier contractions and they were coming more frequently, so off to the hospital we went again.

Aubrie was measuring near 6 cm dilation and was about 65-70% effaced. We spent the wee hours of the morning on Thursday in the Labor & Delivery room, waiting on the baby to come. In fact, when we asked about the possibility of us leaving and coming again later, one nurse said… “Oh, you won’t be going home until after having this baby!”

After hours and hours with no further change, we came home. Later that afternoon we went back to the office for another check. Still no change, still no baby. When will she be here? Only the Lord knows! lol…

Aubrie is still having lots of frequent contractions, 3-6 minutes apart, but she’s the most patient mother-to-be that I’ve ever seen! I don’t know how she does it. Each day I get up knowing it will be the day, then another night comes and goes. For me, it’s been the longest few days ever. 🙂

Now for the good part…

With our first child we had her name picked before we were even married. This one has been different. We’re leaning toward naming her either Anabel or Anabela. The middle name is still up in the air too! What do you think? Vote on your favorite below:

Ok, one of those names is not really an option. Thanks so much for staying up to date with us. Your prayers and notes of encouragement mean so much. We know this baby will come in God’s timing, and we’ll keep you posted when we find out what that is! 😀

Here are some pictures from our adventure the other night at the hospital.

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