June 2015 Prayer Letter Update

June 30, 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

It is a challenge to squeeze into a few words the phenomenal things that have happened here in Bucaramanga, Colombia over the last two months, but let’s give it a try!

Ministry Blessings

Our first church plant has grown so much that we are at capacity in our current facility! With this growing attendance, we are seeking God’s will for our next step. Please pray for wisdom. July 19th marks our church’s first anniversary. It’s amazing what the Lord has done in this first year. On that day, Lord willing, we will also officially and legally organize the church, which will give us much more liberty to do even more and sponsor more church plants.

Just this month, we have about 10 new young people (15-25) who are not only coming but getting involved and earnestly seeking to know God’s Word and to serve him with their lives. As I have mentioned in previous letters, there are several others who are continuing to grow as leaders and desire to be in the ministry. Pray as we plan to officially open a Bible Institute soon. This is why we are here!

Our children’s ministry has also taken off, with 150-200 each week now. It’s a blessing to see these participating in lessons, memorizing scripture, trusting in Jesus, and learning Bible principles which will guide them throughout life. Many of our leaders from the church are even teaching their own groups of children now! To me, that is the greatest success of this ministry.

*Click to see a printable PDF of this letter (with pictures!)*

Hard To Say Goodbye

We’ve enjoyed visits from several in the last few months. My mother-in-law came for Aris’ birth, and my parents and brother came in May for their first time! Also, we had a young man with us in March who is considering a life of missions. If you or a group would like to come for a short-term or extended trip, let me know and we can work something out.

Family Matters

Our 4-month-old, Aris Lily, is beautiful and growing fast! She was recently diagnosed with bilateral hydronephrosis. Thankfully it is the lowest grade of this disease. They will do an ultrasound on her kidneys every few months and hopefully it will resolve on its own without surgery. On another note, Aubrie and I took her to the U.S. embassy in April and she is now both a citizen of Colombia and the U.S.

As a matter of prayer, our family will need to either renew our religious visas or apply for residency within the next few months (we can do this now since one of our children is Colombian!). Either way, we are looking at an expense of about $1500 – $2500. Any financial help toward this need would be a great blessing.

Plans and Prayers

As mentioned earlier, we are in need of a new building soon. Pray with us about this project. Another desire of ours is to have a bus or van to be able to bring many to church who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come. We already have a driver. We also are still in desperate need of a personal vehicle. Will you pray with us for these needs? Will you prayerfully consider making a donation? You can give online or send a check to MWBM, Inc. (PO Box 519, Braselton, GA 30517), and mark it Aaron Vance – Vehicle.


Thanks again for your prayers & support. Only eternity will tell the full result of the investment you have made into God’s work here in Colombia. We love you all!

Aaron & Aubrie Vance (with Amira, Anabel & Aris!)

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Click to see a printable PDF of this letter (With pictures!)

March 2015 Prayer Letter Update

March 11, 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

What a month it has been! Please rejoice with us in what the Jesus has been doing in Colombia, South America.

Young Lives Surrendered to God

Several weeks ago I was invited to preach a youth camp with over 100 teens from churches all over the country. Two of our own young men joined me on the trip across Colombia, and God did a mighty work in many lives. We thank Him for many who repented and believed on Him for salvation, as well as dozens who gave their lives to be used of God.

*Click to see printable pdf of this prayer letter (With pictures!)*

English as Evangelism

In January, we began free English classes as a community outreach. The response has been phenomenal! With help from other believers already attending our weekly English service, we’ve been able to offer a good class structure as well as cast a net for the Gospel’s sake. It’s been amazing seeing the steady flow of truth-seeking people into our church who in turn have discovered a family.

New Address

Praise God, we finally were able to rent a new apartment. It was a long process, but God’s timing and plans are better than our own. Here is our new mailing address:

Calle 91 #22-104 APTO 804 | Bucaramanga – Santander | COLOMBIA

She’s Here!

The newest Vance princess, Aris Lily, was born on February 24th. We praise the Lord for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. We joked that she would look Colombian since she’d be born here, and were surprised to see her born with darker hair, skin and eyes than our other girls! Yes, this one takes after her mom. :)

Prayer Points

  1. Our growing church, Iglesia Bíblica Bautista El Faro
  2. Outreach ministries — Kids ministry, English classes, evangelism, discipleship, etc.
  3. Future plans for a church plant on the outskirts of town where we’ve been working with around 150 children and their families on Saturdays.
  4. Vehicle for family and ministry. Thank you to those who have given already!! If you would like to give toward this desperate need, you can send a check to: MWBM, Inc., PO Box 519, Braselton, GA 30517, marked “A. Vance – Vehicle” or give online here.

Again, we want to extend a warm thank you to each of you who have been so faithful in supporting us with your prayers and financial support. Your gifts become an investment in eternity, and God is already adding lasting fruit to your account!

For Christ the King,
Aaron & Aubrie Vance
(with Amira, Anabel & Aris!)

Click to see printable pdf of this prayer letter (With pictures!)

Click to see printable pdf of this prayer letter (With pictures!)

January 2015 Prayer Letter

January 2, 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

We trust that you all have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Life is more busy & blessed than ever here in Colombia. Up front, thanks to all who have supported us this year through your prayers and giving. We couldn’t do what we do without you allowing God to use you in this way!

Growing Church, Growing People!

In July we started our first church here, and in 6 months, God done things far beyond what we expected! New people visit nearly every week, many accepting Christ and getting into discipleship. There are also now 4 men who have expressed desire for ministry and are taking steps toward that end. Pray for Óscar, Eduardo, Sergio and Jhon and for me as I work in training them and others to do the work of the ministry. This is why we’re here!

Merry Christmas for Many Children!

printable prayer letter pdf

In September we began an outreach ministry for children and adults in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of our city. The response has been phenomenal! We are averaging around 150 each week, with over 250 attending our end of the year Christmas program. Gifts were given, as was the Gospel, and several accepted Christ as their Savior! Thank you to those who donated toward this need. If you’d like to give toward future projects, you can give online (www.bemagnified.org), or by sending a check to our mission board marked “A. Vance – Special Project.” Our plans are to start another church here within a year.

Big God, Big Plans!

We are looking forward to seeing God work in 2015. We have big plans and ask that you pray specifically for these things. Be praying for free English classes we will be starting Monday January 5th. Pray for a youth camp that I will be preaching this month with churches from around the country. Pray for our leaders, and me as I train them. Pray for open doors to start more churches here. Pray for more laborers for our city of Bucaramanga, and the dozens of others that are full of unreached people. Pray for a missions trip we have planned for U.S. students and singles June 15-25 (There’s still time to sign up — info at http://www.bemagnified.org).

Home Happenings

By our next prayer letter we’ll be able to introduce you to our new little baby girl, due February 23. Aubrie is doing well with the pregnancy, and our girls are thrilled about being big sisters. We’re required to leave the home we’ve been renting, so please pray as we find another house. It’s been over a 2 month process of complicated ups and downs, but we hope to finalize something this week. Contact us for our new mailing address. Also pray for a vehicle for our family and ministry. We have not have the funds for this, but we know that God can provide in his timing. If you’d like to give toward this need, you can give online or by sending a check to Macedonia (address below) and mark it “A. Vance — Vehicle.”

Once again, thank you! Thank you for holding the ropes for us! God is good. He is worthy. He is working. Are we willing to take steps forward this year for his glory?

Serving King Jesus,

Aaron Vance & Family

Click to see a printable PDF of this prayer letter (with pictures!)

Click to see a printable PDF of this prayer letter (with pictures!)

Report on the “Bless a Colombian Child” Christmas Project

Thank you for blessing a Colombian Child this Christmas!

Thank you for blessing a Colombian Child this Christmas!

What an amazing time we had on December 20th with the children and families of Café Madrid, a poor community on the outskirts of our city of Bucaramanga Colombia. Our church, Iglesia Bíblica Bautista El Faro jumped in and participated in an amazing way. Dozens of people here collectively spent hundreds of hours preparing food, gifts, logistics and more to make the day a success.

And what a success it was!

We had 157 children sign up who had already been attending our Bible club program on Saturdays. These came, and brought people with them! We were expecting around 200, and God blessed us with over 250 people! Gifts were given, songs were sung, snacks were snacked upon and the Message of Christmas was preached. We thank the Lord for several who made professions of faith, receiving the BEST gift of Christmas, the salvation offered by Jesus Christ.

Please enjoy this video we put together of the special day:

Thank you to those who gave online to this need. It was a help to us as we were able to bless many children who may not have had a Christmas otherwise. We are constantly seeing lives changed in this neighborhood. Pray that God continues to work, and pray for us as we wait upon His timing to officially begin a church here!

If you would like to give toward future projects like this one, you can send a check to our mission agency, Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc. (PO BO 519 Braselton, GA 30517), or online, here.

May God bless. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

November 2014 Prayer Letter

**Editor’s Note** Somehow our November prayer letter was never sent out. We apologize for keeping you all in the dark for a couple extra months about the phenomenal things God has done in Colombia. Don’t miss this update!

11-2014 prayer letter

November 1, 2014

Dear Praying Friends,

This month marks 1 year since our family moved to Colombia and nearly 4 months since we started our first church, and the Lord Jesus is building his work! We have seen growth in our people as many are beginning personal discipleship. There was so much of an interest in serving and growing that we also began a leadership training time on Saturdays. This is a precursor to a Bible Institute and then a Bible College.

Children Intercepted from the Devil

In September we began an outreach in a poor community on the edge of our city called Café Madrid. The neighborhood president is a member of our church and has opened the doors for us to go and make an impact in children and their families. A group of 10-15 from our church goes to sing songs, teach the Bible, do a craft and give something to eat to children who would normally not be able to do any of these things. Around 100 show up every time! We also just began a separate study for adults. The boys in this community are usually hooked on drugs and join gangs by the time they are 14. The girls have a mindset that if they don’t have a “husband” by the time they’re 12, that they’ll never get one. Most of their parents and older siblings are dead or in jail. It is sad. Satan has had a grip long enough. The Gospel is already changing lives!! We’ve seen children and adults accept Christ, and the light is coming to this dark community.  Next month we plan to do a special Christmas gift for each of these needy children that attend our program. The cost will be about $5 per child. If you would like to send a gift for this, you can give online at www.bemagnified.org or by sending a check to our mission agency (PO BOX 519 Braselton, GA 30517) marked “Aaron Vance – Special Project.”

Family Happenings

Our next little one is officially another princess (and I continue to be the king of our home). Pray for Aubrie and this little one, due February 23. Hopefully we settle on a name by then! Also, we are looking to move to another home to save money and be closer to our church. Contact us for the new mailing address. We want to thank those who send letters and packages. It sure brightens our day!


“Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” John 8:12

These beautiful words are on the walls of our church here in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and the truth that they contain is taking place before our eyes each week. The power of darkness is losing its grip as people become followers of Christ, and receive the light of life! Your investment in our ministry is adding much fruit to your account. Thank you for praying for us and supporting us so faithfully. We couldn’t do it without you.

Pray and Participate:

  • Church growth and leadership development
  • Need: Christmas gift donations for Café Madrid children
  • Need: Vehicle for family & ministry
  • Need: Additional monthly support as we grow

Love in Christ,

Aaron Vance & Family

November 2014 Prayer Letter

Click to see a printable PDF of this prayer letter (with pictures!).


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