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Update – Funeral Service

Thank you all who prayed for the funeral this afternoon. Honestly, it was an incredible service and it was such and honor to speak God’s Word.

There were over 100 people inside our building and another dozen or two outside. I though we only had space in our church for 80. I guess I was wrong!It was packed.

We sung a few songs, shared a testimony of the deceased’s salvation and love for others, and I was able to share a Bible message of hope and salvation from John 14:1-6.

What God did next was amazing. A large number of those present decided to make a profession of faith in Jesus alone for salvation. Most had heard that Jesus died on the cross, and had some form of religion, but they admitted that having religion and trusting in our own works is simply not enough. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! They repented and believed in Him.

We praise Jesus for the work he did today and pray that this fruit will remain. Many expressed their desire to continue with us and grow in their new life.

What an honor to this elderly saint (who herself accepted Christ just last May!) that new birth would take place at the service celebrating her death.

God was glorified. The family was comforted. God’s family grew by a bunch.

Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray for this family, both those that started new life today and others who are still grieving their loss.

I stand in wonder of His grace to allow us to be a part of something much greater than ourselves.

I snapped a few pics after I finished preaching before we dismissed. Enjoy…

PS – The visiting group from our church in the States made it in just fine. Pray for a productive and fruitful trip, and for the upcoming official inauguration this Sunday!







Urgent Prayers Are Needed For A Special Opportunity Today!

Hey friends, 

Just a quick update to let you know a little of what’s going on in the days before our church’s inauguration. We’re excited about what God is going to do on Sunday the 13th. 

We have had another big opportunity dropped on our doorstep. I received a call two days ago from a Colombian lady living in the USA. Her mom, who also lived with her in the US, came back to Colombia to visit family. She arrived Sunday in Bucaramanga, where we live and minister, and that day had a massive heart attack and brain aneurism. Sadly, this dear lady passed away early yesterday morning. Her daughter, the one who called me, found our information online and asked if we could do the funeral at our church. Both the lady who died and her daughter are believers, but nearly all of the family here in Colombia is not. The dying wish of this lady was that the Gospel would be preached to her family at her funeral. 

Today, Wednesday, at 3 PM Colombian time, 2 PM Eastern Standard Time in the US, I will be preaching this funeral. This will be the first service officially held at our new church building. The family expects around 50-80 people to attend, almost all of which would be family. 

Pray as I preach the Gospel, honor the deceased, comfort the family and encourage these dear people to place their focus, their faith and their life in Christ. He gives hope. He gives peace. He gives life. 

“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” Romans 15:13

Thanks and God bless you all! 

– Aaron & family


PS – Also be praying for my pastor and a group from our church that is already on their way here for a visit. We will pick them up from the airport immediately after the funeral. 

Our First Week In Colombia

It has been one crazy week. We have finally made it on the ground in Bucaramanga Colombia, thanks to many of you who have helped us with your prayers, finances and helping hands. You are a blessing to us!

This is just a quick update to let you know what we’ve been up to. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more frequent postings!

  • We left on early Wednesday the 13th of November.
  • My parents and Josh Sims (an awesome fellow from our home church) helped us get our stuff to the airport.
  • We hauled 15 checked bags, 8 carry on bags, 2 car seats, a stroller, and oh yeah, 2 kids too! That was crazy
  • In Bogotá we were picked up by and spent the night with good friends of ours, Pastor Freddy Nieto & family.
  • We had to get up and going again about 3 AM to catch our flight to Bucaramanga Colombia, our final stop.
  • Once we arrived, we were met at the airport by a Panamanian missionary, José Morales, and another new friend with a big truck (we filled that up quickly!)
  • We already had a temporary furnished apartment lined up and took our things directly there
  • Our first week we have gotten blood drawn for legal paperwork, received documents that let us sign for things here (called a cédula), gotten our cell phones working with a local company, and begun looking at houses.
  • Please pray that God will give complete wisdom in choosing a house or apartment. We hope to be signing on something thing by this weekend
  • We have also participated in Sunday and midweek services with our Panamanian missionary friends the Morales. There is a new church plant hosted in their garage on the other side of town from us. I preached on Sunday night and we were so glad to see two people accept Christ after the service! Pray for Santiago and Michel
  • I finished my Bible reading plan yesterday. It is called the four streams plan, basically taking me through the NT 4 times, the OT once, Proverbs 4 times and Psalms twice. I only missed one day the whole year (the day we had our Miscarriage in May)! I highly recommend you getting a reading plan if you are interested in knowing and serving God. It’s amazing how many Christians have never read the Book they say they believe!
  • The girls are well, though Amira is somewhat disappointed all her favorite cartoons on TV are in Spanish! Lol
  • Both of the girls are making lots of friends and picking up a little on the language. That will come very soon I believe.
  • Side note: Our little girls are always in the spotlight and are affectionately called “Monitas” which literally means, Little Monkeys. It’s what they call blondes here. Kinda catchy!
  • Extra side note: Yes, the coffee here is very good. 🙂
  • I can’t help but to think everywhere I go, “God, you can build a work here! God, this man could be a pastor! God, this woman could be a Sunday school teacher! God, this area could be filled with light instead of darkness! God, would you do a work through us here? We know you are able!”
  • I’ll try to post an update like this at least weekly so you can know how to pray for us.
  • Remember, you can always email us at or call/text at 678-686-0082. This US number forwards to my phone here. We’d love to hear from you! God bless. We love you in Christ.

    Here are a few pictures of the things I have mentioned….





    Hope In The Pope?

    hope in the pope


    “¡Viva el Papa! ¡Viva el Papa! ¡Viva el Papa! ¡Viva el Papa!”

    I tuned in yesterday afternoon in time to hear multitudes of Catholics from all over the world chanting in expectation of their new leader. Flags were waving all over the Vatican. The cry of the crowd was a cry of enthusiasm, expectation and energy as the new pope was to be revealed.

    Then, as the curtains were pulled back, it was announced that the pope was none other than Argentine Jorge Bergoglio, who chose the name Pope Francis. Indeed, this man is the first Latin American to ever be chosen as Catholicism’s Papal leader.

    He is a simple man, choosing to be as much among the people as possible, live a simple life, help the poor and deny many of life’s dainties for the “greater good.”

    He led the people in reciting the Lord’s Prayer, then a prayer to Mary.

    You could see expressions of hope on the faces of all who listened.


    …But is there hope in the pope?

    I need to be careful here, because my intention is not to carelessly offend those that hold to the catholic teachings. But could I be so bold as to say, Catholicism, at its core teaching, is leading over a billion people to hell.

    Why is that?

    Don’t Catholics believe in God? Don’t they believe in the Bible? Don’t they believe that Jesus died on the cross?

    Yes, they believe all of these truths.

    But what is different between biblical Christianity and catholic teaching? Simply put, it’s a matter of do vs. done. 

    The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church states: “Christian initiation is accomplished by means of the sacraments which establish the foundations of Christian life. The faithful born anew by Baptism are strengthened by Confirmation and are then nourished by the Eucharist.”

    Their teachings go on to express that there are 7 sacraments of the church, and in keeping these sacraments you will have favor with God and earn salvation.

    But ask any catholic if they know where they will spend eternity and they always reply, “I don’t know” or “you can’t know” or “I won’t know until after I die.”

    Why is that? Because salvation is depending on what they do. They are initiated into the church as a baby when they are baptized, they go through confirmation as a child or young adult, and they take the communion. They confess their sins to the priest, pray to Mary, pray to the saints and other idols, and help the poor, but it comes down to one question: What is their salvation depending on? DO or DONE!?

    Friend, there is no hope in the pope. He is just a man. He may be a nice man, but he is a man who is leading people down a religious road straight to an eternity that is separated from God.

    Salvation is only by grace through faith. It is either grace or it is works. It cannot be both. Jesus already bought our salvation, and offers it as a gift to all who will believe on him. Why are you trying so hard to earn it?

    If you have never been biblically saved, if you are still trying to work your way to God, if you don’t know for sure if you’re eternity will be Heaven or Hell, I challenge you to do one thing. Repent.

    Repent of your sin and your faith in works or religion. Then believe on Jesus. Run to Jesus. Throw out any other hope that you have and cling to the cross where Jesus paid for your sins. He says he will forgive you. He will accept you. He will make you his child and an heir to all promises. He promises to give you life. Don’t wait any longer.

    The Bible says in John 5:24 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.”

    You have God’s word on it. He never breaks his promises. Don’t wait any longer. Believe on Jesus.

    Christian, maybe you agree with all that I’ve written here. Would you pray with me for the billions around the world that are deceived by religion? Would you pray with me that God would raise up more laborers to take the GOOD NEWS to them, that Jesus paid it all? Would you pray that God would open their eyes, that they would know the truth, and this truth would make them free?





    Vance Family Footnotes

    • Over the past two weeks God has allowed me to be in 9 meetings in Georgia, North Carolina & Louisiana

    • Wednesday – Sunday of this past week was spent in Zachary, LA at Grace Baptist Church. I don’t know of many other churches that are so given to missions! What a blessing it was.

    • On the way to Louisiana last week I was able to stop by Pensacola Christian College in FL to see my brother Zach. He’s a music major in his 3rd year there… love that guy!

    • We’ve picked up two new supporters (and a couple other “hopefuls” as well!) over the last two weeks. I believe this puts us right at 50% — Praise the Lord!

    • Iglesia Bautista El Faro, the Spanish church we started in GA celebrated their 6th anniversary last Sunday. It really killed me not to be there, but I was told that the Lord really blessed in a great way! The Lord is doing such a great job through Pastor Alfonso.

    Hell’s Gates, an outreach event at our home church, has also gone very well. My pastor told me today that 84 people have made salvation decisions so far this month! If you haven’t been yet and live anywhere near Georgia, you should definitely make plans to go. There are only two weekends left. Let me know if you have any questions.

    • IN THE NEWS: Please be praying for Colombia as they begin peace talks with the FARC rebel group today in Norway. This has been a highly anticipated event that has brought many mixed feelings amongst Colombians. May God’s will be done.

    • VIDEO: Why You Should Bring Your Young People To The Summit

    • PAST POST TO CONSIDER: Colombian Fruit

    • FROM THE WORD:  “As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10

    • Some pictures from the week:


    Thanks for keeping up with us. We’d love to hear from you… just comment, message or email us to let us know how we can pray for you. May God bless!

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