Dear Amira…


Two years ago I met a princess!

You came into this world wide-eyed and screaming for attention (not much has changed). Your curiosity for all things around you has always driven you to learn, explore, discover and experience life.

Now, as we travel all over America talking to churches about what God wants us to do in Colombia, one of your favorite things is to go “bye-bye.” You like going to church, making new friends, checking out the nurseries, running around with the deacon kids and getting into trouble! 😉

You love to talk! I think you take after your daddy on that one. When we pray and read the Bible as a family, you like to repeat what I say. It is super cute!

Anything to do with music is right up your alley. You like to jam out on the piano with Daddy, and we frequently hear you singing Jesus Loves Me, I’m in the Lord’s Army and the B-I-B-L-E, all on your own.

If it’s furry, slimy or fuzzy you always want to catch it and hold it. Yes, just like with your sweet mommy, animals draw you in like a magnet!

Some call you the bunny because of your affinity for hopping, jumping and skipping. It brings a smile to many faces. You’re a joy to be around.

We love you. Happy birthday my sweet Amira! Our princess. May you grow up and know Jesus like Daddy and Mommy, may you fall in love with Him and always desire to live for Him with all that you are.



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