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Leaving Our Comfort Zone

I turned it in today.

My notice.

Many saw it coming, but it took quite a few by surprise to see it so soon.

For the past two years, in addition to pastoring the Spanish Church at Lighthouse Baptist, I’ve had the privilege of working at Children’s Medical Services as a Bilingual Program Associate. I’ve enjoyed helping families that have kids with varying disabilities and special healthcare conditions. I’ve been able to assist them with case management, interpretation with doctors, and intermediation with nurses, hospitals, specialists, pharmacies and so much more. Since this is a government job I have had the luxury of being able to pastor the Spanish church at the same time without worrying about conflicts on nights and weekends.

Unfortunately, the Monday-Friday, 7 am to 5 pm schedule doesn’t work as well with scheduling deputation meetings.

So, I put in my notice today.

We don’t have much support at all right now, but we do have a big God. There’s nothing too big for Him.  It’s time to get out of our comfort zone and step out by faith.

Pray that we can fill up our calendar with meetings. Fast. 🙂

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