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New Friends and Random Photos In Bucaramanga

We were so blessed today to go to yet another children’s home in Bucaramanga, this one full of only special needs kids (and some adults). There were 82, all with varying chronic healthcare conditions. Although we were met with smiles and hugs that would melt any heart of stone, it was so sad to see many of these children go without some basic needs. Almost all of them were abandoned by their families. Here, maybe even more so than in the States, when a child has special needs, many times they are considered a waste of time and less than a real person. How sad. I’m glad God didn’t think I was a waste. These kids need to know of a God that loves them and has a special plan for their lives.

We were able to take them a few things to help out with the kids’ basic necessities and give a little money toward getting them proper care.



This two year old was the youngest at the Iris Foundation. Isn't she cute?




Sonya was a hoot. From the moment she saw me she tackled me, grabbed my hand and was pulling me everywhere. Did my wife get jealous? Did she intervene and save me? Did she try to stop Sonya?? Nooooo.... she laughed, grabbed the camera and took pictures. haha




This is Maria, the director along with one of the foundation's oldest residents. Maria sure loves those kids and the kids love her. Please pray for Maria's salvation.




A HUGE pile of DMEs (Durable Medical Equipment) was just donated to the foundation. Working around this stuff everyday, I can tell you this pile of stuff easily totals in the hundreds of thousands of US dollars. What a blessing!



Random Stuff Around The City…

We haven't met too many strangers in this place. People in this precious city are so friendly! We have had so many folks go far out of their way just to help us and to be a blessing to us.



Traffic in Bucaramanga.





Éxito is a very popular grocery/appliance store in Colombia. We've found that it's one of the closest things to Walmart there is here, along with another store named Carrefour. Both of these carry a few imported items from the US, though most everything is from Colombia.




A very common sight is to see people walking around with opened umbrellas, especially on a bright and sunny day. Can't be getting a tan now, can't we, right?




for about 35 cents each, and hoards of other fruits I’ve never heard of.”]



The Love Birds... And no, our hair isn't actually blue. It must have been the lighting 🙂



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