Update – Funeral Service

Thank you all who prayed for the funeral this afternoon. Honestly, it was an incredible service and it was such and honor to speak God’s Word.

There were over 100 people inside our building and another dozen or two outside. I though we only had space in our church for 80. I guess I was wrong!It was packed.

We sung a few songs, shared a testimony of the deceased’s salvation and love for others, and I was able to share a Bible message of hope and salvation from John 14:1-6.

What God did next was amazing. A large number of those present decided to make a profession of faith in Jesus alone for salvation. Most had heard that Jesus died on the cross, and had some form of religion, but they admitted that having religion and trusting in our own works is simply not enough. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! They repented and believed in Him.

We praise Jesus for the work he did today and pray that this fruit will remain. Many expressed their desire to continue with us and grow in their new life.

What an honor to this elderly saint (who herself accepted Christ just last May!) that new birth would take place at the service celebrating her death.

God was glorified. The family was comforted. God’s family grew by a bunch.

Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray for this family, both those that started new life today and others who are still grieving their loss.

I stand in wonder of His grace to allow us to be a part of something much greater than ourselves.

I snapped a few pics after I finished preaching before we dismissed. Enjoy…

PS – The visiting group from our church in the States made it in just fine. Pray for a productive and fruitful trip, and for the upcoming official inauguration this Sunday!







About Aaron

I am a born again child of God, a servant of Christ and seeker of His glory! I'm happily married to my wonderful wife, Aubrie, and we have four precious daughters. God has graciously allowed us to serve as missionaries in Colombia, South America since 2011, and minister among Latin Americans since 2004. Follow our story at www.bemagnified.org

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  1. Leticia DeGaetano

    Praise The Lord . We continue praying for this new beginning with the church and for the new converts as well. Keep up the good work . To God be the glory. I’ll be in Colombia by August 5th. Pray for me as I testify to my family about the great things The Lord had done in my life. Pray for my sister who is very sick and in need of the Savior. Love you in Christ Jesus. Leticia

    • Hola Hermana Leticia, claro que estaremos orando por su viaje y por la familia aquí en Colombia. Dios es bueno, Dios es grande, y Dios si les puede cambiar y salvar! Bendiciones para usted y su familia. Que Dios les bendiga ricamente. Gracias por sus oraciones y la ofrenda que enviaron el mes pasado. Fue de mucha bendición para la obra.

      Su Servidor,
      Aarón Vance y familia.

  2. Aaron how wonderful the good news you shared about the funeral and how so many people were saved. Praise the Lord! I know you are probably overwhelmed with gratitude to God for allowing you your part in it all of it. That’s how my husband felt when he did funerals and people were saved. Enjoy your time with your church family from the states. We pray for you & the family often. The girls are growing so much. Enjoyed seeing a recent picture of you all.
    My husband preaches at a church in Brandon, FL, July 27th, they will take a vote on the 30th. We are praying for the Lord’s best for our family & the church. Their Pastor started the church 29 years ago & is stepping down, so it’s a difficult time for them. They are a good strong grounded group of believers, so I believe they will continue serving God as they have in the past.
    Your friend in Christ
    Rhonda Forbes
    P.S. I was the lady who pocketdialed you a few months past and you returned my call. We met you & your daughtet at the missions conference at Colonial Baptist Church/Pastor Ed Leake

    • Hi Mrs. Rhonda, what a wonderful blessing to hear from you all. We appreciate the prayers and kind words, and will definitely be in prayer for your family as God may open up this new door of ministry. Brandon Florida is a very pretty area. Which church is it that he will be preaching in? I was able to share our ministry at a church in Brandon right after we first began deputation in 2011. Faith Baptist, Pastor Reynolds if I’m not mistaken.

      May God bless. We appreciate you all holding the ropes for us as we preach Christ in Colombia.

      Aaron Vance & family

  3. Carrie Harper

    What a comfort to the family to have so many attend and show their love. And also the comfort that those who professed salvation will see that loved one one day.

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