April 2012 Prayer Letter

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Dear Pastors, Friends and Family,

Deputation & Family Update

It is hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we sent in our application to Macedonia World Baptist Missions, had our initial interview and were approved as church planting missionaries to Colombia. We’ve been through much since then, including turning over the Spanish church I was pastoring in Georgia, orientation, hundreds of hours on the phone booking meetings, over 54,000 miles of traveling, preaching, meeting people, and seeing God work in amazing ways. We’ve seen people saved, others that God has called as missionaries, and we’ve seen the Lord provide financially, even when it has seemed impossible. Also, there has been a great surge of people deciding to partner with us financially, especially since the first of this year. For us, deputation has been both a growing experience and a blast!

Our family is now preparing to welcome baby girl #2 (still no name!), due around May 24th. Hopefully I’ll be able to introduce her to you in the next prayer letter. Amira, our oldest just turned two on March 26th and is elated at the thought of having her own, living baby to play with. Do you think she’ll share? It sure has been interesting working in the appointments with Aubrie’s doctor around our travelling schedule. We’re hardly around our home, it seems.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

[From Aubrie] It was funny a couple weeks ago when Amira ran up to me while I was brushing my teeth, hugged my legs and said “I carry Mommy’, and I thought it was so sweet until she stopped and said “Mommy heavy” and ran in the other room….. 🙂

Colombian Culture Corner

A common phrase you’ll hear in Colombia is “A buen hambre no hay mal pan” (ah buEN AHM-bre no eye mahl pahn) which means literally, “To great hunger there is no bad bread” or our idiomatic equivalent: “Beggars can’t be choosers!”

Prayer Points

1. Safe remainder of pregnancy

2. Travels while on deputation

3. Salvation of lost friends/family

4. Financial support (now over 25%)

5. Colombia, in need of the Gospel!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We love you and thank God for you.

Servants of the King,

Aaron, Aubrie, Amira (& Baby) Vance

*PS – Check our our website for more frequent updates! http://www.BeMagnified.org

About Aaron

I am a born again child of God, a servant of Christ and seeker of His glory! I'm happily married to my wonderful wife, Aubrie, and we have four precious daughters. God has graciously allowed us to serve as missionaries in Colombia, South America since 2011, and minister among Latin Americans since 2004. Follow our story at www.bemagnified.org

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