Colombia Survey Trip Details

Colombia Survey Trip Details

Aaron & Aubrie Vance  |  February 2011

Target Cities:

∙ Bogotá (July 2009 metro population–8,500,000)

∙ Bucaramanga (July 2009 population–1,300,000)

∙ Medellín (June 2009 metro population–3,500,000)


∙ To obtain a larger burden for and understanding of the Colombian people and culture

∙ To gain more of an grasp of God’s Will for us in Colombia, specifically, the when and where

∙ To evaluate possible cities in which God would have us to work

∙ To plan general financial budgets, both personal and ministerial

∙ To assess specific needs and goals for long-term mission work

∙ To look upon the harvest, and to allow our eye to affect our heart

∙ To get footage, pictures and materials to assist with deputation

Information To Obtain:

Cost Of Living:

∙ Rent/Housing Costs per region/estrata

∙ Average Utility Costs per estrata

∙ Available Transportation and Costs–Buses, Taxis, Train, Purchase a Car, etc.

∙ Cost Of Food–Market, Grocery, etc.

∙ Availability and costs of Appliances and Furniture

∙ Residency/Visa Costs, Taxes


∙ Rent/Purchase of a Building & Property Costs per Region

∙ Legal parameters of starting a church–license, zoning, permission, etc.

∙ Evaluate need and reception of the Gospel per Region (locate other missionaries/churches)

∙ See what is already being done for God’s kingdom and the opposition that exists

∙ Meet experienced pastors and missionaries and learn from them

Missionaries For Possible Contact:


∙ Michael Hart (

∙ William Aya (

∙ Ruday Garrido (

∙ Johnny Bolin (

∙ Craig Lingo (

∙ Freddy Nieto (



∙ Rick Washburn (

∙ Jerard (


∙ Paul Clark (

∙ José Morales (

Expense Summary For Our Trip


Flight from US to Colombia $1000

Flights Between Cities $300

Buses Between Cities $100

Taxi/Buses/Metro $300

Total: $1700


Bogotá $300

Bucaramanga $300

Medellín $300

Total: $900


Bogotá $200

Bucaramanga $200

Medellín $200

Total: $600


Bogotá $100

Bucaramanga $100

Medellín $100

Total: $300

Grand Total: $3500


About Aaron

I am a born again child of God, a servant of Christ and seeker of His glory! I'm happily married to a wonderful wife. We have two precious daughters. After serving as Pastor of Iglesia Bautista El Faro in Dawsonville, GA for 4 years, God has now allowed me and my family to be missionaries in Colombia, South America. Follow our story at

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