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Class, Camp, Celebration, & Challenge – A Machine Gun Update

Hey friends! There has been much going on lately in the Vance family household. God has been good (what’s new there?!) and we’ve been enjoying each minute. This post is simply to get you all up to speed on some amazing recent events… (I alliterated it for my preacher friends, so bear with me).


OGTCThe past week was both exciting and exhausting as I was privileged to teach a 14 hour modular class at the Our Generation Training Center on Evangelism & Leader Training in Catholic Cultures. God really blessed as we went through the Master Plan of World Evangelism and some of The Gospel According to Rome. I’d definitely recommend both of these books if you are serious about both learning how Jesus trained leaders to reach the world, and how to deliver the Gospel to those that are close yet still depend on works.


camp3-1024x447My family and I will leave Monday morning to spend a week with teens and college students from around the country at the OG Student Leadership Camp. I was at the very first camp that was held 9 years ago just before I spent 6 months in Peru preparing for the mission field. The camp helped me tremendously as I was able to get around missionaries that were getting the job done in reaching people and training men. It was encouraging to see how God was using other young men, and now I’m able to return on the other side of that equation. Please pray that God works in the lives of the many teens and singles that will be there. God has a plan for each of them. Pray that some are saved, some are called, and all would be surrendered to God’s will for their life!


anabelThis Sunday our little Anabel turns 1-year-old! It’s crazy how time flys by. It seems like just last week that we brought her home from the delivery room. It seems like just yesterday she was starting treatment for her tumor (which is doing fantastic, by the way), and it seems like a few minutes ago she was an infant. Now she’s trying to talk, walk (she’s getting close!) and she’s growing up into a little lady. Wow… We joy in the fact that God has entrusted our children to us, and we take very seriously our responsibility to shepherd their hearts and guide them through their childhood years toward knowledge of, and commitment to, Christ.


setup fundIn our last prayer letter I mentioned that as of right now, it looks like we’ll be moving to Colombia in November. Well, that is becoming more of a reality each day! Our support continues to steadily rise (at 79% now!), and our setup fund needs are being met, little by little. We just received the girl’s passports this week and will be getting our religious visa for Colombia very soon. Here’s the challenge: Would you pray that everything goes smoothly in these last few months? There’s much to do, still some money to raise and lots of traveling to do on deputation between now and then. Secondly, would you pray that God would send more people to Colombia? The need is great. The laborers are few! If we were to plant a church for every 50,000 people, we would need at least 940 churches throughout the country! Maybe God would have you to come and help us.


We love y’all and would love to hear how things are going in your lives. What can we pray for you about? Keep your eyes on Jesus… He’s coming soon, we must be busy in the work he has left us to do. God bless!

Happy Resurrection Day! (VIDEO)

We serve a risen Savior! Thanks for keeping up with us as we take the Gospel message to Colombia.

[If the above video doesn’t show up click here]

Committed To My Trust


“And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;” 1 Timothy 1:12

My heart is full today.

I feel blessed far beyond what I deserve.

Last night, at our home church, 18 men gathered around me for several hours to encourage me, bless me, lay their hands on me, and ordain me into the Gospel ministry. These men have had, collectively, hundreds of years in the ministry. I was so humbled to be surrounded by these giants of the faith, and to hear of their recognition of God’s hand in my life.

I would like to thank the following men for not only having a part in my ordination, but for investing in my life. God has used you!

  • Charles Blackstock — My pastor and close mentor and friend. (over 30 years of ministry)
  • Carl Braswell — Church planter for years and now missionary with Macedonia World Baptist Missions. (over 50 years of ministry)
  • Jeff Bush — Missionary to Argentina and now Director of Vision Baptist Missions. (over 10 years of ministry)
  • Robert Canfield — Assistant pastor at Vision Baptist Church. (about 5 years of ministry)
  • Trent Cornwell — Assistant pastor at Vision Baptist Church. (about 7 years of ministry)
  • Mark Coffey — Missionary to South Africa with Vision Baptist Missions. (about 10 years of ministry)
  • Austin Gardner — Close mentor and friend. Pastor of Vision Baptist Church and missionary to Peru for many years. (almost 40 years of ministry)
  • David Gates — Close friend and missionary to Egypt with Macedonia World Baptist Missions. (about 5 years of ministry)
  • Alfonso Gonzalez — My assistant while I pastored the Spanish church in GA, now pastor of Iglesia Bautista El Faro. (about 3 years of ministry)
  • Kevin Hall — Missionary to South Africa with Vision Baptist Missions. (about 10 years of ministry)
  • Brandon Mayes — Missionary to China and now Deputation Director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions. (about 15 years of ministry)
  • Rex McPherson — Missionary in Wales and now Pastor of Galilean Baptist Church. (about 30 years of ministry)
  • Larry Monroe — Pastored for many years now assistant pastor at my home church. (about 20 years of ministry)
  • Cory Sexton — Friend for years and now pastor of The Church at Hoschton. (about 10 years of ministry)
  • Donald Swaim — My grandfather and missionary to Mexico and US hispanics with BIMI. (about 30 years of ministry)
  • Richard Vance — My dad and missionary printer with Macedonia World Baptist Missions. (about 18 years of ministry)
  • Thurman Wade — Pastor for several years, now Director of Macedonia World Baptist Missions. (about 50 years of ministry)
  • Frank Whitmire — Pastor for several years, now assistant pastor at my home church.  (about 30 years of ministry)

ordination counsel

For years, I have seen God do great things over and over again in my life, and I’m constantly reminded that it’s not about me… it’s all about HIM! I’m just an earthen vessel, he’s the real treasure. Knowing this humbles me. It is an honor to serve the King of Kings. It is a privilege that God would see it fit to put me in ministry. It is a joy to be his voice in this world.


I want to also express my love and gratitude for the one that is by my side — that is, my wife, Aubrie. There’s no one else that has loved me more, encouraged me more, inspired me more, helped me more and will ever be with me more than her. Ministry can come and go, but she will be with me until the end. I tell you, God has been super good to this ol’ boy!



January – February 2013 Prayer Letter Update

January / February 2013

Dear Praying Friends,

What a joy it is to greet you once again and share the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Deputation & Family Update

Since our last letter, we have added several new monthly financial partners and quite a few others that have expressed interest in joining us. I’m always amazed how God opens doors and crosses our paths with people and churches that desire to have an impact in Colombia. If you haven’t done so yet, I want to encourage you to jump on board with us. Each little bit really does help us get closer to reaching people in Colombia with the Gospel.

Also, if you know of a church that would be interested in supporting us or having us in to present our work, please let me know. You can contact me by clicking here.

From The Mouth Of Babes

Amira, who will be turning 3 in March, has made a habit of singing songs about people she meets. Her last song was about her new friend Kylee and went something like this, “I love my friend Kylee… She likes to color… She likes green, purple, blue and red… She’s my best friend ever… And she loves God too… We like to play… LaLaLaLa….” Maybe someday Amira will write a song about you! 🙂

Colombian Culture Corner

When you visit a home in Colombia (a common occurrence, since they are very relationship oriented), it is customary to bring a gift for the hostess, such as fruit, quality chocolates, a potted plant, or flowers. But DON’T take marigolds or lilies, as they are used in funerals!

An Event To Consider

The Our Generation Student Leadership Camp, May 27-31, is actually 2 camps in one. There is a track for youth groups (Middle/High schoolers) and another for College Students/Singles that are already interested in missions. With all the things you’d expect at a summer camp (Yes, there is a BLOB!), what sets this apart is its focus and theme on missions. Missionaries come from all over the world (including us, Lord willing) to challenge and train young people to live for God and be a WITNESS in our generation. Bring a group, bring a friend, and plan to be there. For more info check out: {{Also, keep an eye on our family’s website, as I’ll be giving away a free sponsorship soon!}}

Prayer Requests

  1. For growth in the new life of recent converts
  2. For others to trust Christ, here and far away
  3. For our support to continue to increase
  4. For Colombian hearts to be prepared
  5. For God to raise up more laborers.

Serving The King of Kings,

Aaron, Aubrie, Amira & Anabel Vance


Click on the icon to see the print version of our prayer letter (with pictures)

Click on the icon to see the print version of our prayer letter (with pictures)



Grow in Your Leadership

Leadership With Vision Podcast

Recently a good friend and one of my mentors, Austin Gardner, began a podcast on leadership. It has quickly become one of the things I look forward to most each week! I encourage you, if you are in any type of Christian leadership role or desire to be some day, check it out! It will be a great investment of your time. Each week for 10-20 minutes you will hear loads of practical & biblical advice. This is one of those things that will be invaluable in ministry.

You can check the website above for updates each week or subscribe for free in iTunes by clicking here.

The Spanish podcast, which is also helpful and sometimes deals with different issues, can be found here.


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